At Crystal Clear Audio and Video we pride ourselves in making your home theatre or media room your family’s favorite gathering and entertaining space.

What is the difference between a Home Theatre and a Media Room?


Home Theatre – A dedicated room devoted to the best possible reproduction of picture and using 5.1 or 7.2 surround sound system. Projection systems, audio systems, seating, acoustics, and room design carefully planned and engineered to accurately reproduce what the filmmakers intended.

Media Room – A home theater consisting of a mounted large screen TV and surround sound system integrated into a room that serves multiple purposes. Typically this will be a Family Room, Game Room, Great Room, or Bedroom. A Media Room differs from a dedicated home theater in that it serves more than one role. The room is typically optimized for best audio & video performance while providing multiple functions.

remoteRemote Controls

Replace every remote in your household with a high end universal remote that offers a full complement of hard buttons providing quick, customized control as well as a touchscreen interface that can be custom tailored for full control of devices throughout the home. Universal remotes can be programmed to control the home theatre, music, indoor and outdoor lighting, climate controls and endless possibilities for any electronic device or system. Make controlling today’s electronics a true convenience and pleasure, even using your tablet or smartphone. No more pointing the remote at a TV to make it work, you can roam a several acre property and still control your entertainment systems.



Whole House Sound

Access and hear music throughout your entire home and outdoors.

We can provide and install modern flush-mount in-ceiling and in-wall speakers to blend into your home’s décor. Crystal Clear also offers state-of-the-art volume controls using in-wall or portable touch screen remote controls, allowing easy access to iPods, music on your computer, music servers, Sirius XM, streaming Internet radio. We can provide easy access to your music at your fingertips from anywhere in your home or outdoors.




crystal-clear-5Outdoor Entertainment Systems

Take Southern California’s beautiful weather and live life outdoors! Bring your favorite music, sporting events, and movies to the backyard. Weather resistant outdoor speakers can provide great sound quality using in-ground hidden subwoofers and multiple camouflaged speakers concealed in the landscaping. Outdoor flat screen TV’s are available that are designed to be exposed to the weather elements and feature screen coatings to minimize the glare of bright outdoor environments. Control from handheld remote controls, in-wall touchscreens, and even with your smartphone or tablet. No more pointing the remote at a TV to make it work, you can roam a several acre property and still control your entertainment systems.


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